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Take a look at some of what ISM-NE has to offer, and see how membership really pays...

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  • Move forward and join the 48,000+ supply management professionals around the world who utilize ISM's unique membership benefits?

  • Confidently enter the future better equipped to face the challenges that await you?

  • Invest the time and the effort to become the best you can be?

You will have the opportunity to network with professionals in your area or region, to develop your leadership potential, to cultivate your communication skills, and to take advantage of unique educational opportunities offered on the local level.

Certificate Programs - Gain expertise in a specific area of supply management with the educational offerings from ISM.  Enhance your skill set and gain recognition by specializing in Electronic Commerce, Cost Reduction Strategies and Techniques, or Supplier Relationship Management.  Courses available via face-to-face public seminars, online courses, or self-study workbooks.

Products & Services:

Subscription to Inside Supply Management magazine INCLUDED
Subscription to ISM InfoEdge INCLUDED
Access to the Members Only section of the ISM Web site INCLUDED
Use of the ISM InfoCenter INCLUDED
Reports from CAPS Research Free upon request