Emerging Professionals ISM-NE

 The ISM-NE Emerging Professionals Group is a new committee currently being formed within the ISM-NE affiliate that focuses on the development of Supply Management Professionals in the first 10 years of their careers.
The Committee benefits new Supply Management professionals by providing an avenue for personal and professional growth as well as opportunities to expand their skill sets in Supply Management beyond their job functions.



The Committee will offer up to 4 events each year, with the goal of career development and networking for Emerging Professionals.



Overall Goals of the EPG (ISM-NE Emerging Professionals Group):

Bring a community of emerging professionals together to build external networking opportunities for career growth.

Enhance supply management skill sets.

Provide networking opportunities and sharing of ideas.

Encourage involvement in ISM-Nebraska.

Generate interest and awareness for ISM Certifications:



If this is an organization you are interested in learning more about, consider joining the Emerging Professionals Group!




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